• Some of these songs played at Gamer Sound Radio have been taken from KHinsider which we really thank for all these effort. They are an inspiration for us! Refer to them here: Video Game Music

  • We owe too much to, it’s been an amazing job extracting all soundtracks from SNES games and thanks to them we can listen to these songs at Gamer Sound Radio. They also created MP3 tags, composer, album, year, etc for each song.  Visit official site: Home of SNES Music

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  • Follow FreddeGredde, he is a composer that remastered some of the songs from Megaman and other OST from video games. He did a great job and is one of the unique composers we admire.  Check songs here: FreddeGredde

  • EMUPARADISEFORUMS is a great place where you can find and search massive OST and some posts that you will love, of course they are related to Video Games. We took some Jazz songs from Street Figher here. Visit forum hereEPForums